Beginning of Bowhunter

Welcome to Bowhunter. A creative outlet, where I bring together songwriters, musicians, and artists, to create live recordings and videos. As a cellist, I’ve loved having the opportunity to play with many different types of musicians, and seeing how strings can fit into different genres. For this project I’m taking the songwriter away from their band and putting them with a string ensemble. I’m writing the string arrangements, and with the help of many friends, making unique music videos for each song. So far, I’ve been fully supported by the artistic community around me. I truly hope this will be a positive and exciting experience for everyone involved.

The first artist I worked with is, Sara Hallie Richardson. She is a rising musician and songwriter, who lives in Portland, ME. Her voice is pure, lyrical, and demands your attention with every phrase. It has been very inspiring working with Sara on this project. Not only has her talent and true creative spirit motivated me to do my best, but her sweet encouragement has helped me through every step of this process.

The other musicians in this video are members of the Amarantos Quartet. Lauren Hastings and Meg McIntyre on violin and Bryan Brash on viola. Very accomplished musicians, and a true pleasure to work with. If you’d like to see the quartet perform, keep an eye on their facebook page and upcoming website.

Dylan Verner directed the video, and has been an amazing partner in this project. He is a talented photographer and videographer, and has been a dream come true. Every time we have sat down to work he has created an environment of calm creativity. An open space to discuss concepts and opinions. I can’t wait to produce another video with him. In the meantime you can check out his photography, and video.

A very important part of this production is the recording. And for this I need to thank my charming boyfriend, Adam Jackson, who recorded and mixed this session. And to Jim Begley, who mastered the track. They are true professionals, and I’m honored that they were willing to donate their time. This would not have happened without their help.

I also need to extend many thanks to Tim Tierney at The Studio Portland, Assistant Engineer James Curwood, One Longfellow Square for donating their space for the video shoot, Scott Mohler for running lights, and to Rachel Helm and Angela Mancini for giving us big hair and smoky eyes.